Nouveau Décodeur ZN-mini. avec 1 platine canton ABC Agrandir l'image

Décodeur ZN-mini. avec 1 platine canton ABC

31,90 €


Ce package contient un décodeur ZN-mini.4 DCC concept et une platine de gestion de canton du type ABC.

Voir les notices en tête du chapitre DCC concept.

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Zen decoder software has always been smooth, clever and easy to use but our new BLACK decoder range takes this to a new level, with extended and improved automatic braking and shuttle abilities, simple-to-use ONE step locomotive set-up and advanced brown-out protection.

All of our decoders are tested at least 3 times before we package them for sale, so we know that they all work perfectly when we sell them and you can be quite confident that reliability is assured.
This pack includes 1x ABC board to use with automatic braking functionality.

Decoder features:
– 1.1 Amps peak power
– 750mA continuous power
– 4 functions at 100mA each
– 19mm x 12mm
– 8-pin & harness
– One-Step Loco Setup
– Shuttle mode (requires ABC boards for this to function)